In case the Internet isn’t social enough for your tastes…

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Recently it came out that Facebook has its uses beyond finding out what that high school friend you haven’t spoken to in 12 years is going to do for the weekend. For example, take note of the following chart which shows where the archive of digital photos is being stored (In defense of the Library of Congress, how many pictures of partying college kids do they really need preserved for posterity?).

However, it has been decided by Microsoft that what the world needs more of is social networking sites. Despite Google’s flailing attempt at taking on Facebook with Google+, Microsoft thinks they have what it takes to be “cool and hip with the youngsters these days.” Click here for the article.


The Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act

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This new bill practically flew through the House with 74% in favor.  The idea is that crowdsourcing can now be coupled with an equity stake instead of just giving the entrepreneur money.  Now for investments of less than 10,000 up to 10% equity can be exchanged without going through the SEC.  Just remember “Caveat Emptor”.  It looks highly likely that this bill will pass.  The president has issued a statement in favor of this bill.  For a more complete story click here

Barrel Roll

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Google has done it again.  They managed to get mainstream hype out of … a barrel roll? If you do a search for the phrase “barrel roll” the page rolls.  It’s pretty cool even if it is a little simple script.  The Wall Street Journal, not to be outdone, pulls the curtain back and lets you “barrel roll” any web page on them.

Do a Barrel Roll

Crowdsourcing with Equity

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New legislation was recently introduced that would allow an exception to the long-time ban on advertising equity sales without going through the SEC. The legislation is H.R. 2930 introduced by Representative Henry of North Carolina and is called “the Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act”. The executive office recently posted a statement of support for the bill saying that the bill was consistent with the President’s Start up America initiative.

The main point of the bill is that small companies can give equity in exchange for cash as a means of getting start-up funding.

Here is the Wall street Journal Article


Multi-target radar coming to a speed zone near you…

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This is interesting.  New technology allows multiple target radar to provide real time data on license plates, speed, location and time all for a convenient batch of citations mailed to your home.  No longer will there be a question of which car actually was speeding.  The unmanned versions are portable enough to place in one of those highway signs that tells you what the road conditions are like, etc.  Well, then…

Multi-target radar system

Obligatory Halloween Post

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So what does a tech blogger do for Halloween? Find a Halloween i-pad video of course. Watch it if you dare.

Magician uses I-pad to deliver chilling Halloween horror show

Ubuntu Tablet in the Future?

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I like Ubuntu. It is a great operating system for underpowered machines.  What else are you going to do with a perfectly good computer that happens to have 1gb of ram and only a few gb hard drive?  I hate to just throw it away but I don’t want to buy RAM because I am still faced with a slow processor.   Ubuntu doesn’t care it can rock that underpowered machine.  The netbook version is perfect for systems that crash from the weird windows versions that come installed on them. And best of all?  No viruses.

Now it looks like Ubuntu is exploring jumping into the tablet market.

Ubuntu Linux eyes tablet territory

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