Making Social Media Work

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YouTube and Facebook can’t really impact your business, can it?

Let’s ask Orabrush a company that made wacky Youtube videos to help sell their product online.  The inventor tried for a decade to sell his product using infomercials then a wacky ad on youtube went viral and one thing led to another until they have a deal with Wal-Mart.  Quite a story – and quite a lesson…

Orabrush parlays youtube success into Walmart deal


The CAN-SPAM act

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Recently someone asked me what they can and cannot do with regard to emails.  I did some research and found a really good Q & A from the Bureau of Consumer Protection.  Here are the brief rules:

1) Don’t use false or misleading header (from: or to:) information

2) Don’t use deceptive subject lines

3) If a message is an advertisement identify it as such early in the message

4) Tell recipients where you are located

5) Tell recipients how to opt out of future emails

6) Honor opt-out requests promptly

7) If you hire another company to send emails for you make sure they are doing the above things

The law has been revised to clarify that you cannot require a fee or any additional information in order to opt out, and several things that define what a person is and which sender in a group is responsible, etc.

For more information:

Compliance Guide

Compliance Guide PDF version

Revisions of the Law

Facebook Ads: 5 tips for Success

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This article give a pretty good guide on how to get into advertising on Facebook.  According to the article 22% of new businesses use Facebook ads and 65% would do so again.  That’s not too bad.  Facebook ads charge per click not per run.

5 tips

Social Media Quickstarter

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Normally, I wouldn’t promote another site, especially a for profit company but this site is designed to give you real value.  Constant contact has created a website that has an entire book’s work of information about social networking.  All in one easy to use location.  The Social Media Quickstarter by Constant Contact is a great resource for learning about social media in general or to get great tips on using facebook, twitter, you tube and much more.  Check it out.

Social Media QuickStarter

Social Networking in the News

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The big news seems to be that Facebook had a drop in users in May: Six million fewer US facebook users.  The following story points out that they are growing rapidly in underdeveloped markets so their overall user base is growing.

Six million users “unfriend” facebook

Retailers are using discounts through facebook to gain market share.  This is not a new story but the numbers here are pretty astonishing.  The subject of the story runs a tour business in “the City” and she used to feel good about ten people a day.  In the face of facebook and other offers she now gets as many as 90 a day.  9x results in advertising is better than just great.  It’s completely unheard of.

Groupon, Facebook, Google Woo small business

Democracy Online

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Iceland is using mass collaboration (aka crowdsourcing) to draft a new constitution online.  Is the the shape of things to come?  Is this the way to have a more participative government?  It certainly is interesting…

Iceland’s Citizens are Writing its New Constitution Online

Word clouds

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Word clouds are used by writers and web designers to be able to look past the trees and see the forest.  What they do is allow a person to look at a group of words and see what is used most often and get what you are really saying not just what you intended to say.  The larger the word, the more frequently it is being repeated.  They can also be grouped into topic related sub clouds. There are a couple of new word cloud sites that are particularly interesting.

This one uses news feed for a variety of topics to discern what is being said and it moves and grows from the feeds.  Infomous

This one is used to create a single static cloud that allows you to put in an article and find out what you said.  It can also be used to create some compelling artwork.  Wordle

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