Device security

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“The iPad is one of the safest computing devices you can use.” What astonished me is not the quote so much as the source. This quote sounds like something Steve Jobs would say or maybe its from the Apple website or one of the myriad of Mac blogs and magazines. In truth its from an article in PCWorld.  They go on to say the only real risk is physically losing your device.  So they recommend a combination of encryption and remote wiping.  I would agree except i don’t do anything really very secret on my ipad.  Its mostly a book reading, game playing, video viewing device for me.  Along with a great app to keep score at my son’s baseball games.  Not exactly state security stuff. I do encrypt the chapters of my novel but they are also backed up so whats the risk?

If you are interested in learning more…

How to use your ipad securely


Hacking getting serious?

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I admit I have written about hacking like the Sony site and Amazon’s web services with mild interest.  It wasn’t funny but neither was it frightening.  Today’s news may be pushing that boundary.  Hackers are saying they took down the CIA website and sure enough I get a “page cannot be displayed” error when I tried it.

More on this story.

Now they’ve done it… hackers take down the CIA 

OK, this is more serious.  I suspect we will start seeing some changes in network security.  Perhaps its time- or rather past time, much like building a great barn door after the horses have long gone.

email security?

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When I used to give training in computers to grandparents, I used to try to describe how email traveled through multiple servers before it got to the destination.  I used to explain that using email is akin to writing on a post-card and handing it to your neighbor to give to the post office. You KNOW that everyone along the way can read it.  Today’s story surprises me in that I did not realize law enforcement could go into mail servers without a warrant and look through the emails, now.  In my analogy, that’s akin to the local police digging through the postal bin and reading the postcards before they get delivered.  It’s something to ponder next time you hit SEND.  New Bill Would Update Digital Privacy Law

The rest of the story…

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Previously, I mentioned the problems Sony has been having their playstation network getting hacked. I also talked about Amazon Web Services going down.  It now seems that the Playstation attack was launched from Amazon.  The cheap cost of cloud computing at Amazon enables hackers to use enterprise level servers anonymously. The following article goes into depth about how cloud computing is chic and cool but it also facilitates cyber attacks.  Malicious attacks are on the rise, according to the article, and are causing people to rethink the cloud.  Sony Attack-Amazon Cloud Service 

Track your device

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With all the handheld and smaller devices available now, it is easy to see how you could lose one or have it stolen.  Enter, “Prey”,  a free app that will allow you to track your laptop or droid phone.  This new story of prey is an account of getting a laptop back after it was stolen  Seems a little staged to me but it illustrates how the system works.  They are working on an ipad/iphone app available soon.  Learn more about prey