When is enough too much?

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I won’t say that the games on my computer are turned on too often, and when they are on they typically aren’t in need of the latest and greatest technology to run. I don’t have the fastest processor on the consumer market, nor do I really need it. That said, if anyone has a large chunk of money laying around…

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Not the Apple

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Sony has introduced it’s new tablet that is not designed to be an apple like so many others on the marker.  Instead it has features all it’s own.  This seems like the best way to compete in the market instead of trying to clone an apple and sell it on the basis that is like an apple but not really an apple how about making a tablet that is different.  The new Sony has that.

Sony’s new tablet

Making an outrageously complex idea fun…

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This video takes the concept of quantum physics and what makes up the universe interesting and fun and you can actually get it.  If they can do that with quantum physics isn’t it plausible to be able to explain a product or service simply and with an entertaining twist?  Something to think about.

Symphony of Science

Dear Santa,

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What do I want for Christmas? If Amazon can pull it off, the answer might just be a kindle with i-Pad capabilities and a $250 pricetag.  Is it real?  Can Amazon make Apple sweat?  even a little bit?  Amazon has the marketplace to help launch a low cost i-Pad alternative and Android is the right platform for it.  So, please Santa I’ve been a good boy…

well pretty good 😉

Here is the full scoop Amazon Kindle Tablet

I-pad Doctors?

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A trend in medical schools across the country is to provide I-pads for all of their incoming students.  This foreshadows the idea that Electronic Medical Records are the future.  Yale’s i-pads come pre-loaded with the curriculum for first and second years.  Thus the medical images will be HD.

If you are in the business of making apps for i-pads, this seems like opportunity knocking. Unless it’s too late.  But what’s next?

Yale Gives I=Pads to Med School Students

Cool Innovation

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OK, I admit this story is pretty geeky.  The biggest problem with computers is heat.  Getting rid of it anyway you can has involved supercooled liquids, fans, and just about everything else you can imagine.  The standard right now is to put metal fins on top of the processor (called a heat sink) then blow air from a fan on it to dissipate the heat.  The problem is that the heat forms a protective layer around the  fins blocking them from effective cooling. This new innovation takes those straight fins and bends them into a circular shape which causes the heated air to spin and move itself out of the way of the fan air. Pretty cool huh?

Fanfare – a new way to cool

A t-shirt that can charge your phone?

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Just when I thought I had seen everything, a French telecom company has come up with a t-shirt that uses ambient noise to activate a piezoelectric film embedded in a t-shirt which in turn charges a battery that you can use to charge your phone.  So basically you go to a festival where there is lots of noise and your shirt sucks that up and charges your emergency battery. What?

Read for yourself here.  Charge your Phone with your Shirt.

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