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Well, I would be remiss if  I did not talk about today’s big announcement from Apple, iCloud.  iCloud is an online service specifically for iPad and iPhone users.  Its essentially Pandora, Netflix and possibly TV streaming all rolled into one.  Perhaps the biggest part of it is behind the scenes.  Apple made an agreement with Universal Studios which brings Lady Gaga and her 10 million twitter followers into the fray.  This may not be the biggest hit of Apple this show but it certainly is a nice solid extra-base hit.

Why iCloud is key to Apple’s future


A different point of view

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Here is an interesting story about cloud computing and specifically about the new google Cr-48 laptop. The perspective of the author is that the world and specifically the cloud is not advanced enough for this to become a reality, yet.  I tend to agree.  His best line here is “Want to know what it’s like? Open a browser and ignore everything else on your machine.” Wired Magazine – Steven Levy on the perils of  Cloud Computing. 

The rest of the story…

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Previously, I mentioned the problems Sony has been having their playstation network getting hacked. I also talked about Amazon Web Services going down.  It now seems that the Playstation attack was launched from Amazon.  The cheap cost of cloud computing at Amazon enables hackers to use enterprise level servers anonymously. The following article goes into depth about how cloud computing is chic and cool but it also facilitates cyber attacks.  Malicious attacks are on the rise, according to the article, and are causing people to rethink the cloud.  Sony Attack-Amazon Cloud Service 

Great Googly Moogly!

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Today, I ran across a story about Google and in it they mention the +1 feature where you can share search results with a friend. The Vice-president of Google’s location and local services (really?) was talking about their foray into social media.  It reminded me of all the things Google can do that I don’t use and some I did not even know about.  This article, as an example, focuses more on what the search engine can do.  While this one focuses on a plethora of other things un-search related.

I have used google apps to share documents and I love the ability to see what a collaborator is changing AS they are changing it.  I once had an editor following behind as I wrote and correcting errors on the fly.  I recently learned about Google fast flip that allows you to browse news stories of the hour.  Its how I found the story for this post in the first place.

What’s in our bandwidth?

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Ever wonder what is using bandwidth these days?  This article talks about how netflix might be helping to curb piracy but I find it more interesting that it accounts for up to 40% of bandwidth usage.

Is Netflix helping to curb piracy?


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Just as cloud computing becomes all the rage and everyone hastens to climb on board, comes a cloud burst of epic proportions.  Read below about Amazon’s massive failure in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Northern Virginia Data Center. Clients like Quora, Foursquare and my recently touted Hootsuite were affected.

Seven lessons learned from Amazon’s Outage

Cloud Parade Ambushed by Amazon Outage

GeekBeat video

What exactly is cloud computing?

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This is a great article from the Wall Street Journal that answers the question: “What is cloud computing and how can it help my business?”

Cloud Computing