Anne Gunn in her blog Sherprog has a unique perspective on the new movie Moneyball and how it applies to the theory of Quantum Leadership.  Basically the idea is that in Quantum Leadership, effective leaders anticipate change in their organizational environment and react better as a result.  The key point in this is noticing trigger events.  What I really liked about Anne’s observations are that in the film, Brad Pitt really fails to bring the rest of his organization in on the plan until its almost too late.  I think as managers it is all too easy for us to make plans and decisions in a vacuum without really explaining to the people who will carry out our ideas why we are dong it.  Strict authoritarian leadership would have them do as they are told but in today’s fast paced, high turnover world we are clearly better off communicating more rather than less.

It sure makes me want to look at the movie and Quantum Leadership more closely.