I was recently at a business class called “new ventures”  and the question was asked by the guest speaker “How many of you are salespeople?”  A handful raised their hands.  But as the speaker pointed out and the following blog excerpt echos is “we all sell everyday”.  Have you ever wanted a new car but your significant other was opposed?  Have you ever convinced your Mom that letting you go to a party was a good idea?  Have you ever tried to get a date with a person you just met? Have you ever asked for a raise?  Been on a job interview?  Tried to talk the phone company into an early upgrade?  All of this is sales.  It’s simply trying to convince someone to agree with you.  In selling its convincing them that what you have is worth more than the money they have.  Can’t sell?  Really?

You Have What It Takes

When people tell me that they can’t sell, I say that they most definitely can sell, and do sell every day. They simply sell only those things they truly and deeply believe in. “I love you” is sales language. “I believe in you” is sales language. “I’m happy to see you” is a great sale to make.

It might be very difficult to sell products that you don’t believe in, but then, who says you should work in and around a company where you don’t believe in the product? Why would you ever do that? Do you think the cast members who work for Disney don’t believe that their company creates memories and magic for their guests? Do you think that the hard working employees of Microsoft (not the drones who are there for a paycheck, but the ones really working hard to make interesting new things) don’t believe that they’re working on innovative futures?

excerpt from http://www.chrisbrogan.com/you-have-what-it-takes