Obligatory Halloween Post

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So what does a tech blogger do for Halloween? Find a Halloween i-pad video of course. Watch it if you dare.

Magician uses I-pad to deliver chilling Halloween horror show


Ubuntu Tablet in the Future?

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I like Ubuntu. It is a great operating system for underpowered machines.  What else are you going to do with a perfectly good computer that happens to have 1gb of ram and only a few gb hard drive?  I hate to just throw it away but I don’t want to buy RAM because I am still faced with a slow processor.   Ubuntu doesn’t care it can rock that underpowered machine.  The netbook version is perfect for systems that crash from the weird windows versions that come installed on them. And best of all?  No viruses.

Now it looks like Ubuntu is exploring jumping into the tablet market.

Ubuntu Linux eyes tablet territory

The Future According to Microsoft

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This video by Microsoft shows their vision of the future of technology.  According to Mashable they found 12 innovations in the video: smart eyeglasses, interactive billboards, intelligent car windows, connected chalkboards, motion activated desktops, indoor decorative grass (actually this already exists), interactive paper, paper thin smartphones, smart refrigerators, internet activated hotel keys, and paper thin tablets with a hologram feature that expands the active desktop. See it all for yourself below. Can you find more innovations?

The future according to Microsoft

Trust in Organizations

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How do you achieve higher moral, lower turnover, higher profit, and great job satisfaction?

It’s all in one word – Trust.  According to the WSJ article below there are five simple steps to improving trust in organizations: Show your interests are the same; Demonstrate concern for others; Deliver on your promises; Be consistent and honest; Communicate frequently, clearly and openly.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

How to Inspire Trust

Explaining an Old Idea in a New Way

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Ok so this video is not exactly new technology.  But it does the best job of explaining Daylight Savings Time of anything I have seen. I had no idea that it was as complicated as it is.  The whole Arizona, Navaho, Hopi thing is amazing.  I also really relate with this teleconference issue and had no idea that daylight savings time goes into effect at different times in different places.  As Arte Johnson would say: “Verrrry interesting…but stupid.”

And please, I don’t want a bunch of younger people asking “Arte who?”

Daylight Savings Time Explained

Hiring the Right Person

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The following article had me nodding my head as I read it.  I recently  completed an extensive survey of local employers and was at a loss as to why some had no difficulty finding qualified people and some complained there was a huge lack of qualified technical people.  Perhaps its that our expectations have to change.  We need to look at hiring the right person as a process not a goal.  If we find a person who is bright, energetic and fits in well with the corporate culture, perhaps some of the job skills can be learned.

Why Companies Aren’t Getting the Employees They NEED


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I found an interesting article about Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. I like it because it shows the early days where an entrepreneur shapes the company simply by overcoming one small challenge after another.  Often its not about making a huge plan to be exactly this sort of company but rather just using ingenuity to solve each crisis as it come along.  One day you look up and all the solutions add up to a pretty neat idea.  Another important point of this article is often the solutions did not come from the CEO in a vacuum, they came from his staff or from a brainstorming session.

Take a look, its worth the read.  Jeff Bezos: Birth of a salesman

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