Corporate culture is as difficult to define as the human soul.  Yet it exists and it is critical to success in small businesses.  Poor culture can drive away talent and great culture can inspire greatness. The problem is that as companies grow the tendency is to make definable processes out of every task so they can repeat greatness.  Unfortunately, according to Method, too much process tends to stifle a great culture.  So they went to companies they admired and came up with some tricks to help keep the culture alive while they instituted processes.

First they established a “pod” to be in charge of maintaining their culture.

Next they cam up with these tips:

1) Hire great people.  Make sure they have the skills but also the right temperament to fit into your culture and thrive.

2) Emphasize culture from the beginning.  Explain how it works and where they fit.

3) Give regular feedback on performance and how they are fitting into the culture.

It looks like the bottom line is really being honest about what you want your culture to be and then working with it daily.  Culture needs nurturing or it will change to what you least want.

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