Facebook Ads: 5 tips for Success

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This article give a pretty good guide on how to get into advertising on Facebook.  According to the article 22% of new businesses use Facebook ads and 65% would do so again.  That’s not too bad.  Facebook ads charge per click not per run.

5 tips


Talk About Big Audacious Goals…

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Here is a story that personifies Big Audacious Goals.  Its a story of a 22 year old inventor trying to get funding and engineers to help her build a company on the concept of wireless recharging of a portable device (like an i-pad). Seems plausible, after all there is a wireless electrical system for flat screen monitors.  Why not?

Young Entrepreneur

The 7 Immutable Laws of Innovation

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Phil McKinney, the President and CTO of HP’s personal systems group wrote these seven laws of innovation in his blog.  They are quite good.  He addresses the following: Leadership, Culture, Resources, Patience, Process, Big Audacious Goals and execution.

Take a read here


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Some articles I repost because I am interested or find them useful in business. This one, however, is reposted simply because the first line “The Navy, being the Navy, is never satisfied with the amount of blowy-uppyness demonstrated by its weapons.” really caught my eye.  The story is not bad either; pretty ingenious actually .


Which scares me more?

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OK which scares me more:  the fact that someone discovered a security flaw in iOS and Android games or the fact that a ten year old girl figured it out?  I don’t even know how to change the time on a my CD player…

10 year-old outs security flaws

UW on Dvice? Yep

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The famous spider silk goats of UW are now on Dvice with a researcher in the Netherlands working to make a spider silk body armor.  I personally think they have gone to far in wanting to make the armor part of our skin – ewwww.  But still it is an interesting read.

Spidey Goat

What is the most important quality an entrepreneur should posess?

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I found the following article very interesting.  The answers are what you might expect: optimism, I think I can attitude, persistence,  drive, hard work etc.  Tale a look and I’d love to hear what you think.

Entrepreneur Qualities

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