First Windows “Mango” Phone Unveiled

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Windows has essentially been pushed out of the smart phone market by Apple and Droid.  Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said “We’ve gone from small to very small…”. With Wednesday’s announcement of a new OS “Mango” Microsoft plans to jump back into the market. Even if it’s great the name lacks appeal.  IMHO – I don’t see myself saying “I’ve got to get me a Mango!”.

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Swiping a credit card with your camera?

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Basically what this new software does is allow your webcam to scan in the number on your card and registers it automatically over a secure connection.  It keeps you from having to type in the number and mistype it, repeat.   I’m curious whether you get the card swiped rate from the bank or no card rate.

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Patented = Good (or is it?)

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I think these articles give a different perspective on patents and how they are being used.  Somehow, I feel compelled to say that I am not endorsing these articles as factual only that I found them to be interesting reading.

Giant lawsuit now includes angry birds

Patent attack now includes best buy, adidas

Are patents good for you?

Local Tech company – in the news

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Click below to read the story about Bright Agrotech.  This company is cool and growing right here in Laramie and it all began with the business competition. Great story and a great company!

Bright Agrotech

Coffee Shop Etiquette for Entrepreneurs

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Those of us who have ever run a small business have done it – sit in a coffee shop using their wifi for half a day while we work. Writers do it, programmers do it and even product entrepreneurs in the planning stages.  This article pulls together coffee shop owners and offers suggestions for keeping your office away from the office happy with your presence.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Coffee Shop Etiquette

Wyoming Strong

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The following video is CNBC talking to Governor Mead about Wyoming and the state of our economy. It’s a great overview and Governor Mead does a nice job fielding a variety of tough questions.  It’s well worth a listen regardless of which side of the aisle you are on.

Note: he talks about technology growth around the one minute and forty second mark.

Wyoming Economy

Social Media Quickstarter

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Normally, I wouldn’t promote another site, especially a for profit company but this site is designed to give you real value.  Constant contact has created a website that has an entire book’s work of information about social networking.  All in one easy to use location.  The Social Media Quickstarter by Constant Contact is a great resource for learning about social media in general or to get great tips on using facebook, twitter, you tube and much more.  Check it out.

Social Media QuickStarter

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