Have you ever hit “reply all” when you meant to hit send?  Have you ever sent an instant message about someone and accidentally sent it to them instead?  Have you ever said something in a fast text or IM you later regretted saying?  This is the age of instant communication.  Unfortunately the messages can last forever in spite of the speed at which they are composed and sent.  Ask Tiger Woods about that.  Or ask Anthony Weiner.

Enter TigerText,  a company that was inspired by the very same Tiger Woods.  With this program you can set a duration of the message.  Remember Mission Impossible? “This message will self-destruct in five seconds.”  That’s what TigerText will do.  You can also recall IM’s that were sent accidentally which is much easier to explain than the wrong recipient actually reading it, I would bet.

In this age of instant communication, is this where we are headed?  Will there be more apps that allow us to make a mistake and correct it?  An electronic version of whiteout?  Only time will tell.

TigerText disposes of sender remorse