What’s new in technology? Let’s ask Steve Jobs. According to him it’s Apple. I have to admit I became a reluctant convert to Apple this past year after being a staunch Microsoft supporter for more than a decade.  Apple is taking the market with over 200 million users of its devices and 28% growth this last year compared to Microsoft’s flat line.  Why?  Maybe it’s innovation…

Besides iCloud, Jobs announce iOS5 the latest operating system for iPad, iPhone and iPods.

iO5 biggest feature is that you no longer have to hook up to a PC to update your i-whatever.  It always seems awkward to have to do that anyway when you already were using an internet capable device.  No longer!  Another cool thing is that downloads of songs are available on ANY of your devices at no extra cost.  A new notification center will show you if you have messages, email or news, and much, much more.

iOS5 unveiled