Ever hear of crowd funding?  How about an i-pod nano watch?  Today we cover two new concepts in one.

Kickstarter is a cowdfunding program.  Essentially you put up a project or idea and people who like it agree to fund it for the sheer joy of doing so.  No equity stake; no promise of revenue. They unusual part is no money changes hands unless you manage to convince enough people to give dollars to meet your goal.

Lunatik is a watch band maker designed to make the i-pad nano look like a stylish watch.  They designers put in on kisckstarter hoping to make $15,000.  They got it.  And them some.  They got 13,511 backers to fork over $941,648 making Lunatik an all-time record holder for Kickstarter.

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Crowd funding helps cool tech projects get off the ground