Early on we talked about Word clouds as a method to visualize a lot of data in a new way.  A recent i-pad app has taken that idea to the stars.  Enter, “Planetary” an app that searches through your music files on your ipad and visualizes them in the images of a solar system with a musician as a star, an album a planet and a song as a moon.  It’s pretty appealing, visually, but unless your songs are well organized and labeled may not be very useful.  For eclectic listeners it can be a milky way.

Even so, data visualization is up and coming; especially in the world of ipad where you can move it around to different views or expand it by touch.  Google has a phenomenal tool that allows you to explore public data this way.  You can look at huge data sets (census data, broadband penetration, public debt, etc) all in a variety of different visual methods that help make sense out of too much information.  Check it out: Google Public Data Explorer