Recently I was sent a computer concept video that has been floating around the internet for a few years.  So today I thought I would talk about the latest and whether they have potential.

My favorite is this one;  It’s a laptop like thing that has a docking station for an i-phone and an i-pad or non apple products.  As I see it this has all the power combined.  When you are at the office you look at the big screen and use the ipad as the keyboard. You leave for a meeting and take the i-pad or leave for lunch and take the i-phone – or any combination thereof.  This is very likely to happen.  Especially if you have seen the phone that powers a laptop screen and keyboard advertised already.

Concept Laptop

This next one – I struggle with; yes I know there are flexible OLED screens but this one folds it on the same point over and over so won’t it eventually form a crack or something there?  I bet so…

Folding Laptop