While this is not exactly something new in technology it seems like topics that are recurring in the tech world should be discussed.  There are two big topics right now:

1) Sony’s playstation network getting hacked – twice.  Sony has already been down for four days causing gamers to rend garments and gnash their teeth.  Some have actually resorted to – gasp – homework.  But actually its a major issue since they can’t guarantee that credit card data was not compromised.  Read more

2) Facebook’s is outperforming expectations.  This has caused some funny news but also has ramifications for future valuation of companies.  The funny part is the Winklevoss twins tried to go back to court and get their settlement changed since they felt the valuation of the company was greater than they thought.  They previously only got $65mill for nothing and now they feel like they should have gotten twice that.  The judge tossed it (thankfully). But Facebook is on track to exceed $2 Billion this year (ebitda).  Now here is the shocker – “The people familiar with the company’s recent finances said they thought its profit was growing at a fast-enough clip to justify a valuation of $100 billion or more when it goes public.”  WSJonline.  This would make them bigger than Amazon or Cisco.