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Here is an interesting story about cloud computing and specifically about the new google Cr-48 laptop. The perspective of the author is that the world and specifically the cloud is not advanced enough for this to become a reality, yet.  I tend to agree.  His best line here is “Want to know what it’s like? Open a browser and ignore everything else on your machine.” Wired Magazine – Steven Levy on the perils of  Cloud Computing. 


Advertising is king

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This is a great article with one theory about why three of every four tablets sold is an i-pad 2.  Advertising.  Not design or functionality but better adds.

Interesting… Why iPad 2 really dominates the tablet world 

Proof of the new tech bubble?

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The old tech bubble occurred when people started paying ridiculous amounts for anything even loosely associated with technology.  When all that investment failed to pan out, the bubble burst.  Some are saying there is a new tech bubble occurring.  This article seems to be a sign of that, if you ask me.  I’m with the author and have no idea what they are talking about.

Social Advertising Startup BuzzLogic tries a new business model; raises $7.8 million. 

Kickstarter and Lunatik

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Ever hear of crowd funding?  How about an i-pod nano watch?  Today we cover two new concepts in one.

Kickstarter is a cowdfunding program.  Essentially you put up a project or idea and people who like it agree to fund it for the sheer joy of doing so.  No equity stake; no promise of revenue. They unusual part is no money changes hands unless you manage to convince enough people to give dollars to meet your goal.

Lunatik is a watch band maker designed to make the i-pad nano look like a stylish watch.  They designers put in on kisckstarter hoping to make $15,000.  They got it.  And them some.  They got 13,511 backers to fork over $941,648 making Lunatik an all-time record holder for Kickstarter.

More on this story:  A Record-breaking kickstarter success  

Crowd funding helps cool tech projects get off the ground

Invisible phones?

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I remember the first time I traveled to a large city when Bluetooth headphones had first become the rage.  I saw a man walking down the street arguing loudly with himself.  At first I thought he was “one of those”  but then I saw another person talking to themselves and another and another and I began to spot the phones in their ears.  It still is disconcerting to be standing next to someone who says “Hello?” and you are not supposed to respond.  Now a new set of technologies will add gesturing in the air and poking ourselves as a new set of social norms.  I’m not sure I’m ready…

The invisible phone

Sixthsense: A wearable gesturable interface

I-pad periphery

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What does an I-pad really need? More space. With 16 gb storage for it’s Low price unit and a max of 64gb it is limited for those of us with huge music libraries; mine is over 300 gb. And if you have a video library? As my New York friend would say “fa-getta-bout it”. Enter Seagate with an answer. Their new portable hard drive boasts 500gb and includes a wireless router and apps for iPad and iPhone to share your storage across your devices securely and seamlessly all for less than the extra $200 you would pay for the 64 gb iPad.    Seagate

Mobile apps are lumbering dinosaurs unaware of their own demise?

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This article uses some pretty strong words saying that mobile apps are dinosaurs unaware of their own pending demise.  The reason the author feels so strongly is that Google has already begun introducing the next level of web based apps that let you download as you need wand they continue to work offline if you are disconnected.  This sounds an awful lot like the claims Macromedia made in the 90’s about Flash.  And now, flash is only a barely interesting part of the web.  It is certainly not interesting because of it’s user side capabilities that caused it to be the rage in the first place. At any rate, I find this an interesting, if misguided, article.  I can’t believe that we are going to go back to user side web-based apps and have to worry about what we keep or don’t keep in our cache again.  Submitted for your approval… Why Mobile Apps Will Soon be Dead

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