Not Technology?

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OK here I am deep into the first week of our new blog and already I am stepping outside the technology realm, or am I?  I wanted to share two powerful videos to show what a few words in the right context and said the right way can do.  THIS is where marketing of the future is heading.

The Power of Words

Create the Future you Imagine



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Just as cloud computing becomes all the rage and everyone hastens to climb on board, comes a cloud burst of epic proportions.  Read below about Amazon’s massive failure in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Northern Virginia Data Center. Clients like Quora, Foursquare and my recently touted Hootsuite were affected.

Seven lessons learned from Amazon’s Outage

Cloud Parade Ambushed by Amazon Outage

GeekBeat video

Revenue Management

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I recently saw a great presentation by a Sr. VP at Disney who talked about revenue Management and how places like Disney use complex algorithms to price products and services just right for the demand.  But what happens when revenue Management goes automated and quite mad?

This story CLICK HERE is about how a book at amazon became priced at $24 million when the two automated pricing systems went a little crazy over each other.

Social Networking made simple-er

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I found a program that I am testing that allows you to post to blogs, twitter, facebook, linked in, and a variety of other social networking sites all from the same platform.  There are a couple of other platforms like this one out there but I like this one best.

Hoot Suite

Here is a review of this one and a few I had never heard about…

Click here

How wild is this?

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Some new technology is really beneficial to mankind.  I can see how this would be awesome for tornado alley or would have been great on 9-11.

Instant Cell Tower

What exactly is cloud computing?

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This is a great article from the Wall Street Journal that answers the question: “What is cloud computing and how can it help my business?”

Cloud Computing


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We have all heard about Twitter and tweets and what makes me think this is NEW?  What’s new is some great advice by Guy Kawasaki about how to tweet.  Well Actually, it’s not new but I just found it and its great info and a great way to start a tech blog.

Twitter Cluelessness